Xanthosoma Sagittifolium Frozen Planet®

Product information Xanthosoma Sagittifolium  Frozen Planet®

And there was a sudden, between some plants from Asia, a lonely but very nice unknown plant. A small cutting with a colour stalk, so incredibly beautiful, this plant had to grow so that we could discover in what kind of plant it would result.

This cutting, became a stunningly beautiful plant, wearing just such a beautiful name ‘Xanthosoma Frozen Planet®’. This name is because of the stems of the plant are so beautiful, with the appearance of dew, as if it is frozen and the entire planet is enveloped in a fog lager … Frozen Planet®.

The Xanthosoma Frozen Planet® is 100% developed at and by Plant Planet.

What do we know about this plant so far?

It is not certain whether the Xanthosoma Frozen Planet® is family of the Alocasia. During the growth of the plant, the leaves will let the old leaves hang so the new leaves have the chance to grow. The old leaves can simply be cut off, which does not cause problems. The new leaves will grow up, and be larger than the previous blades, and so the plant will increase slowly.

How to take care of the Xanthosoma Frozen Planet®
The plant must be in a light place, but not in full sun. Sunlight can damage the leaves. Is the plant too much in the dark or in the shade, the leaves will look for the light and the plant will stands a bit askew. The Xanthosoma Frozen Planet® should be regularly rotated so that the plant will grow straight. Regarding the care it is important to give the Xanthosoma frequently water. Avoid drying of the soil. By contrast, the roots may not stand in too much water.

The Xanthosoma grows best at room temperature, and not too close to the heater. A dry air will quickly dry out the plant.