The, ever so popular, Sansevieria family is having a huge comeback. Fifty years ago the Sansevieria was through its indestructible nature a very popular houseplant. Most older people will remember the plant in the windowsills of the school classes. It was one of the few plants that could survive the summer holidays without care.

Very strong, but also deadly dull and slowly but surely the Sansevieria disappeared from view. Until a few years ago, plant breeders discovered this wonderful plant again and went to work. The most trendy types were developed ‘Friends’ is a good example. The ‘grandmother plant’ is well suitable for a young, modern audience.

As ‘Studentplant of the year’ it is all clear that this plant has nothing to do with his predecessors except its robust character. Even the rough life in the student houses is not a problem. The ideal plant for the so difficult circumstances and for people who sometimes threaten the plants to forget. The perfect gift in addition to the son, daughter, niece or nephew who is going to live on their own for the first time.