Costus erythrophyllus ‘Ruby Green’®

De Costus Ruby Green® is a plant which appearances in tropical and subtropical areas like Asia, Africa and South America. The Costus Ruby Green® is from Costa Rica, where this plant is imported and after years of research has developed into a living room friendly plant.

History of the Costus

Described in the ancient Greece, the essential oil from the roots of the Costus is used for perfume. At that time the white and black Costus were known. The oil from the roots of the white Costus had a mild sweet odor, which had a slightly stronger scent of the black Costus. The ancient Arabs Costus used to make perfume, oils and ointments. Years later, the Chinese used the oil to make medications for traditional medicine. This is still valid in parts of China. Also, the oil is still used in incense and the smell can protect expensive clothes against harmful insects.

There are now over 100 known species of Costus. The Costus Ruby Green® has lovely waxy leaves with a nice dark green color on the top and a dark red color on the underside of the leaf. In the autumn the plant makes big pink / white flowers. If the flowers have finished, they can be picked out and there remains a beautiful ginger-like button on having a huge ornamental value.

How to take care of the Costus Ruby Green®

The Costus Ruby Green® has to be moisty all the time. On a scale for plants or with a small amount of water at the bottom of the pot the plant exactly has what he needs. If the plant is too dry, it will show leaf tips in the old leaves. These leaves can simply be removed and the new leaves will grow from the bottom again.

The Costus Ruby Green® may be in the shade or half shade, but should not stand in the full sun.

It is a plant that will grow well and fast with the proper care and it will give the consumers a lot of pleasure.